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Accomplish What You Want and Still Have Time For Family

Experience 6 weeks of dad-on-dad coaching to dial in your schedule and find time you didn't know you have.

Quality family time | Do the things you love doing | Feel in control of your life

Make the most of this time in your life

  • Are you always rushed, hurrying from one thing to the next?


  • ​Do you worry about work while with your family and think about family while working?


  • When you finally have some time, are you too tired to do any of the things you wish you were doing more of?​

Experience more quality family time

Have free time to do what you love

Feel in control of your life

Enjoy more time having fun with your family and be completely present during that time, giving them the undivided attention they deserve.

Rediscover the hobbies, friends, and adventures that fill your cup and make you you.

Achieve what you've been "hoping" to do, be more productive with your time, and enjoy each day knowing that you are in the driver's seat.

Step 1
Click the Join Now button below. That will take you to PayPal. Within 24 hours you'll get an email from me about our first coaching call.

Step 2
You'll learn and implement the exact steps you need to take control of your time.

Step 3 
Enjoy the freedom of time that you create for yourself and your family.

We have to address the root cause.

We dads have always had demands on our time. Work, wife, kids, friends, church, hobbies. 
Now, on top of that, we have phones in our pockets and screens in our faces with AI algorithms designed to take as much of your precious time and attention as possible. 
No wonder it feels harder than ever to commit devoted time to the most important things in your life.
The steps you'll take in this course will show you how to take back the control of your time and attention so you can direct it exactly where you want it to be.

Click the link below to get your free guide to
CRUSH Procrastination
and feel accomplished every day

Stop letting the world around you dictate how you use your time.

Be the dad, the husband, the man that you want to be. That starts with being in control of your time. 

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